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Behind The Images

A look into a Forever Young Shoes photo shoot!

Shoes and photo shoots… what’s not to love!
Almost weekly a Forever Young Shoes photo team meets up to
photograph upcoming new website products and lifestyle images for our social media accounts.
In this specific blog we will give you a look into who our photo team members consist of, the locations we shoot at, and what keeps us inspired.
Photo Team Members
The team will vary in head count from 2-5 people per shoot. This depends on what the shoot goal is that day and how many models are needed to accomplish it.To break it down our equation usually follows:
1 Photographer + 1 Creative Leader + 1-3 Models = The Dream Team
Here at Forever Young, we have two in-house photographers. We like to use the combination of the two for a few different reasons.
  • Reason 1 - We shoot very frequently. The workload is too much for one photographer to handle.
  • Reason 2 – It keeps our photos creative because we have multiple masterminds behind the lens.
  • Reason 3 – It allows our photographers to take time off work if needed. Vacation coming up? No worries, we have a backup!
  • Reason 4 – Although they are both great photographers who help us in anyway possible, we lean on each one for specific shots. One photographer mainly shoots our product shots, website images and indoor lifestyle, and the second producing content for our giveaway/collaborations and off site lifestyle sessions.
Shooting Locations
Because we are local to Utah and it’s unpredictable weather patterns, we shoot both indoors and outdoors. Depending on the location, permissions and amount of product to shoot, the sessions usually range from one to four hours long.
Indoor Studio Locations
Over the years we have used a few different indoor studios. In the beginning we started out using, Wild Willow Studio, and The Studio Room. Both of which were in SLC, UT.Our now most FAVORTIE studio to use is Light Loft Studio in Layton, UT. The backdrops at Light Loft Studio are always changing with the seasons, the lighting is bright and it is centrally located. We use indoor spaces for all of our product imagery as well as some lifestyle.
Indoor Lifestyle Locations
A Library, Coffee Shop, Train Station, Wedding Venue, Hotel Lobby, Staged Home, Gas Station… ETC.
Outdoor Lifestyle Locations
Shooting outdoors is always an adventure. Each adventure leads us to a new area with new scenery. The options are really endless as long as the weather is cooperating and we have allowable access onto the property.
Some example locations include:
A Park
Cute Neighborhood
Downtown Shops
Local Vegetable Garden
Farmers Market
Pine Tree Forest
Pumpkin Patch
Flower Garden
Sunflower Field…. and many more.
Our Inspiration
Here are three factors that continually inspire our brand and team members:
  • The upcoming holiday season. – Holiday inspired content always keeps us looking ahead and forward to what’s to come.
  • Our Shoe Vendors – When we ordering new product, our shoe vendors always provide new and exciting color pallets, textures, and style designs.
  • Our Followers – YOU, we love hearing your feedback! After all, our goal is to provide styles you want and need.
Thank you so much for reading this blog!
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