What She Really Wants For Valentines!

What She Really Wants For Valentines!

Posted by Abby R. on Jan 28th 2019

Men, let’s talk Valentines Gifts.

We get it. Valentines is stressful. You love your girl, you want her to know it but you just don’t know how to show it. Well, we are here to help you out. This will be your “comeback” year!

Step One:

Figure out her two strongest Love Languages

Heck, if you want to go big, express your love using ALL FIVE languages. We promise they are not hard to do!

Don’t know what a Love Language is? Let’s break them down. There are five.

Words of Affirmation: Using words or notes to praise or show appreciation. Verbally saying, “Thank you so much for doing the dishes!” Or leaving a note that reads, “Hey babe, you are the light of my life. I hope you have a day that is just as beautiful as you!”

Not- Finally, you did something to help out around the house.

Acts of Service: Doing a task, chore or service that you know your partner would appreciate. Ex: Folding a load of laundry, doing the dishes, planning a getaway, or paying the bills.

Quality Time: This includes both listening and talking. Being attentive. No electronics. Ex: Going on a walk, mini golfing, or sitting at a table together talking.

Physical Touch: Massage, holding hands, kissing, cuddling, hugging, intercourse.

Gifts: This is the most popular Love Language. A gift relays, ”Look what he got me. He was thinking about me.” This can be food, flowers, clothes, shoes, makeup, furniture, or really anything!

Once you have distinguished her two strongest Love Languages, you can begin to prepare her gift.

Step Two:

Plan and buy the gift.

Planning Words of Affirmations: Buy a valentines card, write down something from the heart. Go above and beyond and shoot her a text in the middle of the day. In it, explain one little thing that you love/like about her or give her a motivational boost. Example: "Hey babe! Just wanted to say you are a boss a** b*****! You can do anything you put your mind to! I love you!"

Planning Acts of Service: Look at the calendar; figure out a time your lady will be out of the house. Plan to be home when she is gone. Do a chore in the house and leave her a note near saying, “Because you deserve some extra free time. :) !”

Planning Quality Time: Pick a date. Ask her if she is free and tell her you would love to spend some alone time during that time/day. It will probably be hard to agree on a time but don’t give up. Even if the date is a week in advance, you still have it planned!

Planning Physical Touch: This one is a little tricky because if you plan this too much it gets super awkward. Instead of going into set dates/times just be attentive when she’s is around you with a goal to flirt with her with touch. A massage without expecting her to reciprocate says a lot!

Purchasing Gifts: Flowers will ALWAYS be a classy move. Chocolates and stuffed animals however get old. It’s time to spice things up! We suggest you buy your girl a bundle of flowers and a new pair of shoes from Forever Young Shoes! Whether your woman will admit it or not… Shoes will always be a way to her heart.

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