Now Hiring

Now Hiring

Posted by Abby B. on Oct 4th 2017

Hey There!

Do you love shoes?

Are you a hardworking individual?

Is organizing a task that you enjoy?

If so, you are in luck because Forever Young is NOW HIRING! :-)

More Information:

-We are hiring at all locations.

-Open positions include Retail Sales Associates.

-No experience is required. Employees are trained onsite.

-Starting pay is minimum wage with opportunity for raised based on performance.

Job Description:

-In-store face-to-face retail sales.

-Customer Care/Service

-Distribution of Shipment

-Inventory Control


Job Requirements:

-Must be 16 years of age or older.

-Good Communication Skills

-Mobility. This position requires you to be on your feet 100% of the time.

-Availability to work most holidays.

Apply to work for Forever Young Shoes today! Apply online or at any one of our six Utah locations.

We can’t wait to hear from you. :-)

Love, Forever Young Shoes

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