Charlie Brown Sandals

Charlie Brown Sandals

Posted by Abby B. on May 2nd 2017

Charlie Brown inspired. Feminine attire.

Real talk. Childhood connections. Aren’t they the greatest? There is nothing better than when you feel that warm fussy feeling in your heart as you remember a good childhood experience.

That comforting feeling was exactly how our foot model felt when the photographer softly said, “These sandals remind me of Charlie Brown!” during the photo-shoot.

As the epiphany settled, the foot model replied, “Girl, you are so right! The pattern does resemble Charlie Brown’s shirt! I love these sandals even more now!”.

Our lovely “Charlie Brown” sandals are now available in four colors:




& Denim Blue (Not pictured).

Too bad they didn’t come in yellow. ;)

Style Name: Gavin $14.99

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